Ghent beer and sightseeing adventure

Looking for your next destination in Belgium? Tour the city of Ghent, conveniently situated between Brussels and Bruges. Visit the sights of this quirky, charming city in just 4 hours and indulge yourself in its unique history and local Belgian beer flavours.

The tour includes 6 local beer tastings – of beers varying strengths and flavours. A delicious beer will be be served during the 30-minute canal cruise. Enjoy it together with tasty snacks and the historical sights of fascinating Ghent. Our itinerary will tempt you to return to this city for more!


  • Selection of 6 local beers paired with local specialties
  • Genever gin tasting
  • Boat cruise on the canals of Ghent (35 min)
  • Guided walking tour through the historical centre
  • Visit of a local GRUUT brewery
  • Chocolate Tasting and demonstration

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Meeting point:
Saint Bavo Square, in front of the cathedral

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What to expect

Well, that’s easier to experience than to describe! There are not enough adjectives to capture the real charm of this city! Here’s a peek at what you get:

Historical landscapes

Ghent is in the Flemish-speaking part of Belgium. Although it’s a popular tourist destination, it certainly retains its own, authentic, local atmosphere. It’s a city characterised by its local population, who definitely set the scene for your adventure.

Ghent also houses a fascinating collection of ancient architecture. Absorb the city’s fascinating history as you admire and photograph its beautiful buildings and cityscapes. Then relax on the 30-minute canal cruise and enjoy even more new perspectives on the city’s breath-taking sights.

Our scenic canal route and beer tasting on board will certainly form an unforgettable part of your Ghent experience.

Local Belgian beers

In addition to its sights, Ghent will charm you with its astounding beers. This tour is perfect for beer lovers. And also for the merely beer-curious! If you’re not sure about trying the beer – please believe our many happy visitors and go for it!

Belgian beers – and particularly those from Ghent – are 100% different from any normal, commercial beers. Ghent is rich in a magnificent variety of the golden liquid, so we can and will ensure that you find the perfect beer for your taste.

On the Ghent beer tour you will taste 6 beers, each very different from the others. They vary in flavour, colour, aroma and alcohol percentage. And are all served with a complimentary snack.

You will also discover vibrant, hidden-away taverns. These are places you may miss if exploring on your own. And they are certainly ones which will delight you! Local Belgian beers, a canal boat cruise, historical architecture and hidden taverns. Be sure not to miss out on this adventure!

Geneva gin and chocolate

You will try this truly unique bar for everybody who lives in Ghent. This bar has every flavour of geneva gin we have ever heard of – any many we hadn’t. The owner is as idiosyncratic as his establishment.

Ghent boasts the crème de la crème of Belgian chocolate making.

From traditional to minimalist to simply surprising (pralines with mustard, Ganda ham or Roomer!), this city’s got it all. Some pralines from Ghent are even coveted all the way to Japan!