Day-trip to Durbuy, Bouillon and Dinant - an encounter with nature

Take off from Brussels for the day and hit the enchanting Ardennes areas with this private day trip. After a rich breakfast of cheese and smoked ham taken in Durbuy (Belgium’s smallest city), stop in Bouillon near Semois river for a guided walk of the amazing landscapes and historical venues, all before a tasty lunch made out of local specialties paired with local brews. The activity will head-off to charming Dinant, where a boatride and visit of the citadel will await for you, along with beer and food pairing. If you are looking to dive into the pristine beauty of Belgium, then this is the perfect match for your needs.

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  • full day private guide/car from Brussels
  • pick-up and drop-off to your Brussels hotel
  • breakfast in the smallest city in Belgium (Durbuy)
  • lunch of local specialities and beer in Bouillon
  • beer and food pairing in Dinant
  • venture past historical sights of Durbuy, Bouillon and Dinant
  • boat ride and Citadel visit in Dinant

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What to expect


1H 30min after leaving Brussels, you will arrive in Durbuy, known as the smallest city in Belgium and also renowned for its excellent food. This unique 17th century town will take your breath away with its narrow and cobbled pedestrian streets that are winding between ancient houses. The landscapes are indeed heart stopping and you should better be hungry because a consistent breakfast made out of local cheese and ham specialties will take you to the pristine flavours of the medieval Belgium. Your guide will be on hand to give you advice and historical background at all times, making sure you get the most out of this charming Durbuy visit.


As you will pass Brussels on the way south, the flat lowlands will give way to rolling hills. Tucked up against the south-western Franco- Belgian border, Bouillon sits at the heart of dark forests and ravines, steep hills and cliffs landscape, peppered with castles, abbeys and delicious local foods. Once you arrive in the city, the guide will take you to a short discovery trip of the surroundings, during which you will see the main areas, the Semois river, the memorial of World War 1 and the Bouillon Castle. Following next, we have prepared a mouth-watering lunch, made out of local dishes including trout, which will be paired with local flavoured brews. Bouillon is rich in culture, landscape, cuisine and beers – therefore it is perfect for any tourist craving for peace.


With your stomach full, the trip will continue to another spectacular destination: Dinant, where you will enjoy the narrow and steep banks of the Meuse River from its impressive citadel, located on a 100-meter-high cliff. Once in town, you will preambulate around the gorgeous Collegiate Church of Notre Dame, Rocher Bayard, Charles de Gaulle Bridge and saxophone samples made in the name of its creator Adolphe Sax. A little while later, you will embark on an intimate boatride on the Meuse River, where you will pair local Belgian beers (such as Leffe) with food, in a delicious combination of flavours. Breathe in the atmosphere of this charming city and let your hair down, away from the buzzing metro pole style.