Brussels Chocolate Walking Tour and Workshop

Wondering what to do in Brussels? Combine sightseeing with chocolate tasting and workshop during our 4h+ Brussels Chocolate and Workshop Tour in a must-do Brussels activity. Our chocolate experts will share their wisdom and you will taste only the most exquisite chocolatiers in a flavoured chocolate indulgence walk that will introduce you to the chocolate world, but also to the most important cultural highlights of Brussels.

  • Start time: 9:00, 14:00
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Available:
    • 9:00:
      • Tuesdays
      • Wednesdays
      • Fridays
      • Saturdays
      • Sundays
    • 14:00:
      • Wednesdays
      • Fridays
      • Saturdays
  • Adults: 70
  • Children (6-12 yrs): 40

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  • Chocolate tasting of high quality chocolatiers
  • Sightseeing activity of the cultural attraction of Brussels city centre
  • 1h of chocolate workshop where you make your own creations
  • Get your chocolate at the end of the tour wrapped up
  • Multilingual expert guide (EN, ES, FR, D, NL, RU, AR)
  • Central meeting point: Grand Place Square
  • Walking distance involved: 4km

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Meeting point:
Grand Place 21, 1000 Brussels

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  • Discover the City
  • Taste exquisite chocolate
  • Make your own chocolate shapes
  • Take your creations home

What to expect

Our trail leads the tourist deep into the heart of Brussels to appreciate the quality and flavours of the local chocolate. Starting in Grand Place, the guide will give you tips not only on chocolate, but also a detailed overview of the history behind statues and monuments that contribute to Brussels beauty. Our chocolate experts, with more than 15 years’ experience in the domain, will make sure that by the end of the tour you will understand why quality is the most important element of chocolate and why Brussels is the master of chocolate.

Chocolate tasting will never be more delectable than during this tour where you will be able to find out which the top chocolate brands are and where their stores located are. This tour is perfect is you want to buy chocolate as present for your relatives or friends, since you will get to sample many exquisite chocolates, whose quality will increase from one to another.The route is focused on offering an impressive landscape full of history, where at every step Brussels highlights are located, such as the Royal Galleries, The Royal Palace, Saint Paul Cathedral and all the mysteries behind them.

Discover the art of chocolate making, the melting temperature, the % of darkness suitable and the process of praline making. Brussels Chocolate and Workshop Tour consist also of a 1h hands-on chocolate workshop, during which you will be the chocolate master. You will find out how to make your own shapes and you will decorate them with ingredients like sea salt, exotic fruits or sesame, all based on your imagination and preferences.

For a more vivid experience, you will be able to see how a praline is created in 3 steps and you will be able to fill them with caramel by yourself. Moreover, you can take your chocolate shapes back home with you at the end of the tour, when you will get them in a ready-to-go wrapped up bag.

Brussels Chocolate and Workshop tour is the travel-savvy friend you need in Brussels.

What bloggers have to say

This tour also included a chocolate workshop, where we had the opportunity to create our own chocolates with Belgian couverture chocolate, as well as watch a chocolatier as he made pralines (and got to help by squeezing in the praline centres!). You got to take home everything you made as well, which meant that K and I had two large bags of chocolates which lasted us for weeks into our trip! We may have been a little overenthusiastic in creating new combinations of chocolates…

Amanda Chan

Not only did we taste his unique chocolate, but we were able to get hands-on and learn how to make our own chocolate. Our small tour group dawned hairnets and aprons and were allowed back in the chocolate making ‘kitchen’ of Laurent Gerbaud.  Our guide, Marc, continued to lead us throughout the streets of Brussels offering up nuggets of history laced with his fun personality. We not only learned about chocolate, but we learned about Belgium culture – a truly informative overall experience. I also really appreciated the fact that Marc stressed to us we were under no obligation to purchase chocolate at any of the shops we went into. I never felt any pressure to buy, as the cost of the tour included our tastings.

Sherry Ott

You might know me as one of those travelers who typically wouldn’t take an arranged tour in a new destination, since I would often want the chance to curate my own itinerary. But when it comes to Belgian chocolates, surely, I would be needing the help of those who are more knowledgeable about it; so I suggest that if you’re looking into the chance of indulging your inner chocoholic, Global Enterprises’ Chocolate Tour is an experience that you shouldn’t pass!

Aileen Adalid

Meeting point Grand Place 21

Important information

The groups are formed of maximum 20 persons for an increased individual experience and are led by wise experts that will answer any question raised, not only about chocolate, but also about history.

It is highly recommended to not bring infants on the tour for the well being of all customers, including the parents that might not fully enjoy the culinary experience. The atmosphere is not appropriate for infants ( 0 – 6 years) due to the fact that is it a tour involves walking around the city centre which might cause fatigue for the small ones.