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Brussels' Mysteries and Legends Tour

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Unravel the complex mysteries and enigmatic secrets of Brussels on a 4-hour tour. Accompanied by your expert guide, learn about the secret societies and associations throughout the city and visit ancient churches shrouded in legend.

Available from: 65€

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  • Discover the hidden tresures of Brussels during a 4+ experience
  • Learn about the the symbols and signs of the alchemists and freemasons
  • Stroll the iconic center of the Grand’Place to hear intriguing tales of its history
  • Enjoy the best panoramic views of Brussels
  • See the old city gates and the lost river Zenne
  • Multilingual and expert guide
  • Available languages: English, French


  • Duration: 4h
  • Available months: April-October
  • Start time: 09:00
  • Available languages:
    • English
    • French
  • Available:
    • Sunday
  • Price:
    • Adults: 65€
    • Children: 35€

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What to expect

If you are not satisfied with the image Brussels is offering at a glance and you are interested in finding out why Grand Place architecture has the golden allure and all the history behind the statues spread all over the centre, then Brussels Mysteries and Legends will be the perfect guide for you.

The Mysteries and Legends tour will start in Grand Place Square, for a detailed introduction into the bi-dimensional city Brussels. During the tour you will be able to widen your sight and observe elements that would often be only a few metres from the heavily trodden tourist pathways but passed unnoticed. The Belgian architecture would be one of the important subjects of the tour, along with the symbols of the Freemasons or the path to the catholic pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostella, whose marks are spread all over the city.

You will participate in a 3h+ puzzle, where every spotted symbol will bring you closer to understanding the legends behind the walls of Brussels. You will learn about the history of the city’s Freemasons and philosophy they were advocates of, while paying attention to the Zodiac signs that can be found on the buildings. St Michael’s Cathedral will be the location where you will visit an authentic Freemason grave and you will receive a throughout explanation about the architecture of the church and the legend of the colourful windows for a genuine encounter with history.

During the tour you will come across the concealed city below the Royal Palace of Brussels and puff the dust away from the history of the founder of the Templars, Godfried of Bouillon, whose life is well-worth sharing. And because Belgium’s golden liquid is a must for every visit here, you will enjoy one of the best Belgian beers that will make sure you will remember this trip to Brussels.

Who are these tours designed for?

Without any discrimination, these tours are designed in an equal proportion to both women and men, regardless of age as it can constitute a perfect family experience or an individual encounter with the Belgian mysteries. People interested in the mysteries and sacredness of life, with a desire to know and understand the nature of the Brussels’ architecture and history are welcomed as well.

If you have a curiosity about mythology, sacred sites, culture and want to travel with like-minded people in small intimate groups with a nice balance of workshop time, site time and independent time, this tour is designed for you!