Belgian Beer Culture in Antwerp

The second city of Belgium and home to the biggest port in the country, Antwerp is perhaps the world’s beer culture capital. It’s certainly the diamond capital of the world, among other claims to fame! The diamond industry plays an important role in the economy of the city, as it has done throughout its history.

Today, the city also has a reputation for art and fashion. Antwerp has everything a traveller could wish for in a European city – world class museums and art, beautiful architecture, great food (Antwerp’s delicious cuisine) and great drinks! Antwerp offers local micro-breweries and authentic Trappist beer-tasting rooms.

There are more of these in some of the more provincial parts of Flanders. However, the Westmalle Trappist brewery is in the province of Antwerp itself. And as the capital of the Flanders region, Antwerp does serve as the showcase for all that’s best and most eclectic across the entire range of Belgium’s wonderfully diverse beer universe.

Maybe this is because the region is such a melting pot of diverse beer tastes, lying as it does at the crossroads of Holland, France, and Germany. Or maybe it’s something to do with this port city’s need for thirst-quenching beverages – for its hard-working dockworkers! Most likely it’s because Antwerpers just know a good thing when they taste one.


  • Selection of 8 Belgian and local beers
  • Additional snacks: frites with mayonnaise, chocolate, Belgian cheese
  • Expert beer and foodie guide
  • Visit the most local and authentic Antwerp bars
  • See the major sights: Our Lady Cathedral, Market Square, Steen Castle

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Groenplaats, 2000 Antwerpen, next to statue of Peter Paul Rubens

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