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SUPERB TOUR by Marion, May 2013, tour: Schokolade

This was a fantastic tour with a wonderful guide, we spent time in several of the best and more unusual chocolate shops and did a chocolate workshop making our own.

LOTS OF FUN by Vailkat, February 2016, tour: Bier

Ok, Brussels is well known for beer, and there are many, many places to sample it. I hardly know a lager from a Pilsner, and found this a delightful way to learn more about beer while seeing Brussels with a great guide and travelers from all over the world. Can you think of a better way to spend an afternoon?

GREAT TOUR by Sandy, March 2015, tour: Schokolade

We took the Chocolate Workshop and Tour with Sandra. She was wonderful!!!!! Very sweet, knowledgeable and fun. The tour is worth the price and by the end of the day you have had your fill of chocolate. We asked about restaurants and bars along the way and Sandra was able to make some great recommendations and steered us away from the tourist traps. Would have taken another tour with them if we would have had the time.

BRUSSELS PUB CRAWL by DISEY, September 2015, tour: Bier

A more than pleasant and informative way to spend an afternoon in Brussels. You do not need to like beer to enjoy. Our guide was congenial, a proud Belgian and very knowledgeable about beer. The walking tour was not onerous in any physical sense and we were taken to some pubs that you never would have found if you were exploring on your own. Met some great people on the tour and all in all made our Brussels stay memorable.

FUN BEER AND CHOCOLATE TOUR by Deb, April 2015, tour: Schokolade

We took both the beer and chocolate tour with GE. Both were fabulous. We thought they were on the expensive side when booking but felt we really got our money's worth in the end. Jan was a hoot on the beer tour. We all had a blast. Our guide for the chocolate tour was a great historian as well. There was a lot of walking on both tours so you got to see the city as well. Both took you to places you may not have gone on your own.

by Tanis, September 2015, tour: Geheime sagen und Legenden

Avo, a/k/a George Clooney, is incredibly knowledgable and fascinating about the religious symbols, architecture, beliefs, history and everything you want to know about the city of Brussels, past and present. His English is impeccable. We topped off our tour with an authentic Belgium waffle and the very best chocolate that the country has to offer. Ago also walked us to his recommendations of off the beaten track taverns and restaurants. This was the favorite tour of our vacation here.

CHOCOHOLICS DELIGHT by Frankie, May 2015, tour: Schokolade

The 3 hour tour by Viatours of chocoholic establishments plus a chance to make our own, was more than my daughter and I expected. Our guide was a delight, besides taking us to 4 or 5 places to taste chocolates (many in each site) we also received a walking tour of Brussels. These places were not the names that we usually think of when we think of Brussels. The best was when we were seated at a table and were given chocolate, ginger, salt, cookies, etc. to make our own. It was fun, a perfect finish to a perfect tour.


This tour was part of my favorite day in Brussels. The beers were good (and a good variety) and the tour included enough food and walking to keep anyone from getting "over-indulged." That said, all of the beers we tried were full sizes-- not sample size. Our guide, Arti, was fun and relaxed, and helped create a good group dialogue. We ended up going to dinner and getting drinks at Delirium with a group of people from the tour! Definitely recommend. The chocolate tour was actually a let-down compared to how much we loved this!

CULINARY TOUR by Ann, April 2015, tour: Kulinarische

Tour led by Stephane. He was punctual and knowledgeable. He managed the diversity of our group's tastes and intensity levels.He has a good command of English.Loved the stops and the overall experience. The food quality unique and enjoyable. I especially liked the chocolate truffle sampling and Mokafe. Since we are not drinkers we got a good introduction nevertheless to Belgian libations. This town has a great pub scene in the Centrum. Just the right pace and level of technicality. There was another American couple with us and we felt comfortable with each other.

GREAT TOUR by anonymous

Our guide gave us a wonderful walking tour of Brussels. We not only got great information on chocolate and the secrets behind quality chocolate but also history on points of history in the central ppart of Brussels. Our guide was very passionate and informative on the information he shared with us. The chocolate workshop was hands on and fun. We recived our handmade chocolates at the end of the tour.

We had wished there had been a little extra time in each chocolate shop to purchase some goodies.Overall a worthwhile experience. I was with my 23 year old son and he was happy to see a lot of others in his age group!

GREAT TOUR by COROBI, August 2015, tour: Bier

I went on this tour as a solo traveler at the end of July and had a blast. Our guide was super nice and gave lots of history about the beer and certain breweries along the way. It was also nice to hop around to a number of local bars, we definitely stopped into a few places that I would not have considered as I walked by and they were worth it! Our tour was on a Saturday and was sold out, so we had the max of 20 people but it was a manageable size. About half of our group ended up staying out together for the rest of the evening post-tour! One piece of advice: make sure you eat a good lunch prior, otherwise the amount of beer and the obvious higher alcohol content will hit you quickly!


I was shocked to see this tour was not listed on TripAdvisor as one of the top things to do. This tour is absolutely amazing. You get a lot of food, a lot of wine and a lot of information. By the end of the night, the group was all laughing and sending each other Facebook friend requests. It's nice they keep the groups small so it's more intimate and feels like friends going out to dinner or for a drink. We were two of 7 people. This is a great way to expose yourself to the best food Brussels has to offer. Waffles were great, mussels we're great, the rabbit/chicken we had was great. We would definitely recommend this to other groups in the future as we had such an incredible and memorable experience.

NOT YOUR AVERAGE CHOCOLATE TOUR by Judy, September 2015, tour: Schokolade

The tour was utterly fantastic. Belgian chocolate is so good because they use cocoa butter instead of palm oil. It mostly comes from its African colony, the Belgian Congo but the best is made using cacao beans from Ghana and Madagascar. Our walk took us for tastings at 6 of THE most exclusive chocolate boutiques in almost all chocolate here is made by hand. The shops we visited were all fabulous and the quality increased from the beginning to the end of the tour. We also passed some important cultural attractions like the Manneken-Pis (small statue of a boy taking a no one seems to know the legend behind it but tourists flock there to take photos) City Gates, the elegant Royal Galleries of St Hubert (the first shopping arcade in Europe built in mid-19th century) and some comic-art wall murals along the way and there was a 1 hour hands-on workshop at the half way our creations were beautifully wrapped and presented to us at the end of the walk.


I can't tell you how much fun my sister and I had on this trip. Our guide was knowledgeable and funny. We visited some of the oldest bars in Brussels, and all of the beer that we tried was absolutely fantastic. There was a TON of food, which was a great addition to the tour as it was not really expected. And not only that but the food was meant to be paired with the wine. Perfection.
One thing that really stood out for me was how accommodating our guide was. On about our third stop, I had mentioned in our conversations how much I love Hoegaarden. With the blessing of the other tour participants, our guide altered our schedule to attend a different bar to try Hoegaarden Grand Cru, something I had no idea about and never would have tried otherwise. His ability to change something so quickly on the schedule to accommodate a guest was unbelievable. AND it turned out to be everyone's favourite beer!!!
I highly recommend this tour... you will NOT be disappointed!!!!

WORTH EVERY PENNY by Jay, February 2016, tour: Schokolade

A number of reviewers have commented that this is an expensive tour, and whilst it's certainly not cheap I do think that it's completely worth it when you consider what you actually get. We visited 5 chocolate shops with tastings in each (normally multiple chocolates, and one shop included hot chocolate), made our own chocolate creations and had a praline demonstration in the workshop, took a break to sample some chocolate beer, and of course a tour of the city. I would call that pretty good value for money! I'm not a huge chocolate fan, but really enjoyed this tour and wouldn't say that it's only for huge chocolate lovers. The guide was clearly very passionate about chocolate and was able to talk in detail about things such as origin, but was also knowledgeable about the city in general and made several recommendations on places to go. There was no pressure to buy in any of the shops, which I thought there might be, although I did make a purchase on the tour and also went back to another shop that we'd visited later in my trip. I thoroughly enjoyed the morning and would recommend for anyone wanting to see, and taste, the city.

WALK TO CHOCOLATE HEAVEN by Sai, June 2014, tour: Schokolade

we are a family of 4 ( 2 kids & me & my wife ) and we tried the chocolate tour this month, June 14. we visited around 6 speciality shops and in addition tried our hand at making some chocolates in a work shop. we were guided by stefan and the tour started promptly at the designated time of 9 am. the meeting place was easy to find and the first shop we hit was Godiva .. Stefan is quite knowledgeable about chocolates and the beer scene and in addition is able to talk about the city of brussels with lots of fluency and authority.. this makes for good listening ...

the tour per se is outstanding and we just could not do justice to the tasting experience .. after the first shop,me & my wife gave up and it was only the kids who were tasting & trying the pralines .. the kids loved the making experience and the video is enjoyed by them even today :-) .. in the work shop i also got introduced by Stefan to the basics of belgium beer ... we also tried 2 varieties in spite of being quite early :-) :-) .... Loved the Carolus beer and got my understanding of the Double & tripple :-) .....overall a great experience and is worth the money ...

GREAT BEER, GREAT TIME by Vailkat, January 2016, tour: Bier

My first impression of Global Enterprises Tours began 7 weeks before I actually got to attend. After the terrorist attacks in Paris, my trip to Brussels was postponed because of the security level in the city and across the world. Rather than telling us we INTOt be able to participate in our tour, GET was very friendly and accommodating to us in allowing us to reschedule when we had a better idea of when INTOd be able to attend.

We finally got to attend the tour in early January and the experience itself could not have been better. Ultimately, the tour began in a very easy place to find right in the middle of the Grand Place. Our tour guide, Marc, was extremely entertaining. He was funny (much needed while on a beer tour, of course), friendly, and every knowledgeable on all types of beers. Coming from the States, INTOm mostly familiarized with watered-down beers, but the beers Marc introduced us to were the best I have ever had! Only problem with the tour --- INTOm sad I INTOt get some of those beers now :( (so, really, no problem with the tour at all). The food pairings with the beers made the tour even better. You definitely need a few snacks to help you keep going throughout the tour! Furthermore, the bars we attended were some of the cutest spots we saw in the city! Several are hidden down small alleys and INTOd never think to look there without their expertise. I would recommend this tour to absolutely anyone looking for a fun evening activity. Without a fraction of the doubt, this beer tour was one of the better experiences we had in the city. I INTOt wait to visit again and go on another one of their tours!!!


I traveled to Brussels a couple of weeks ago to experience all the great beers Belgium has to offer. In addition to taste some nice beers it's always nice to meet some new friendly people as well, so I decided on taking a beer tour. And what a day/night it turned out to be! The tour group was a rather small one (compared to the day before when they were 26 (!) people) consisting of me and an Australian couple in addition to Artie, the excellent tour guide. We were all about the same age, +/- 30 years old, which was quite cool as well. Artie, who had great knowledge of Belgian beers, showed us several great pubs which wasn't the classical "tourist trap", and we sampled 8 different beers. Actually, we sampled 9 different beers as we enjoyed ourselves so much that Artie decided to treat us one out of his own pocket! At each pub Artie told us a little about the place and he told us about the beers we sampled. The beers were all of great quality and there was something for everyone to like.

The tour were supposed to last for 4 hours, but we had a great time, and we kept going for nearly 5 hours. After the tour had officially ended we asked Artie to join us for a few beers, and so he did. He showed us a few more bars, and we kept drinking beer and having a good time until late night! I wasn't in bed before 2 in the morning and in a quite good mood, so to speak!

The beer tour turned out to be everything I wanted it to be. When I travel solo I always want to meet new people and have a good time, and this turned out just perfect.

A big thanks to Artie for making this a great tour, and a big thanks to Sam and David as well for making it a great beer tour and night out in Brussels!