Brussels in a nutshell

The wonders of travel, of a new city to unwrap and the scent of a freshly stamped passport. Name one person who would not drop off their daily responsibilities for a moment of relax. And still, the struggle of preparing the perfect escape is real:

  • Wait, there’s 2 airports? How do I get to the city?
  • Should I be afraid of thieves?
  • Do I tip the bartender?
  • Do they speak English? Body language should do the trick if not
  • Can I drink on the streets?
  • I wonder if there’s any Michelin star restaurant
  • But I’m also interested in cheap souvenirs
  • How do I eat mussels?
  • Will those plates give me stomach ache?
  • I must do something crazy over here, but where?
  • Beers are my thing; can I find a proper one here?

One can explore the nook and cranny of a city that he could find, but Brussels would still be a big hit and miss. Although not comparable in size with Paris or London, Brussels is not exactly an open book when it comes to its highlights. Sure, you all heard about the European Comission, Mannekin Pis or Atonium, but how about the cultural aspects of the city? Would you want to miss that only because Google ranked just 10 activities as a “must-do-in-Brussels”?

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