Belgian Beer and Food Pairing in Brussels

Catch a glimpse of Brussels’ most important attractions during a 4h private tour that will combine beer with food pairing. The activity includes 4 beer tastings within impressive authentic Brussels taverns and another 4 beer tastings in an exquisite restaurant where complementary local food will be served, such as fries and beef stew. A complete rainbow of flavours and information!

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  • selection of 8/1300 best Belgian beers
  • 4h+ pub crawling within authentic out-of-sight Brussels taverns
  • Beer expert with over 20+ years’ experience in the domain
  • 4 beer tastings within typical Brussels pubs
  • 4 beer tasting and food pairing within a restaurant
  • beer pairing activity with chocolate, sausages, cheese and frites
  • additional snacks like chocolate, cheese
  • International ambiance: tours available in EN, FR, NL, D, RU, Arabic
  • Central meeting point: Grand Place Square 21
  • Taste flavoured Belgian beers
  • Discover authentic Brussels taverns
  • Pair beer with food
  • International ambiance

What to expect

Belgium is well known for the quality of its beer, thus considered by the world as a “golden liquid”. This activity provides the perfect introduction into the vast collection of Belgian beers, providing beers different in taste, from sour to bitter and sweet and the food elements that can be paired with.

The first part of the tour consists of 4 beer tastings that will be done within a small pub crawling activity. During this period, you will be able to see hidden-in-plain-sight Belgian taverns that are kept away from the touristic eyes, giving you a better idea of the city and tips on how to avoid touristic traps. Furthermore, our beer experts with over 20 years experience in the industry will share with you the selection of beers considered to be a must if you ever travel to Brussels. Forget the commercial beer, the local one is delicious!

The second part involves pairing 4 different types of Belgian plates with another 4 beers, to maximize your experience and discover how flavours are adaptable. The location of the activity is a selective restaurant situated in the heart of the city where you will be served top quality Trappist and Abbey Beers in a food pairing activity with mussels, frites, beef stew, rabbit and chocolate pie. You will encounter flavours that will go beyond your imagination, which will make you fall in love with Brussels.

The beers

Quality and diversity are the key elements of our collection of beers, made after more than 20 years of field research. If you worry about the taste or not liking beer, the flavour range of the beers varies from sour to bitter to sweet, making sure every participant enjoys the experience. Go for it, you will be surprised!  And if this is not mouth-watering yet, wait until you taste them!

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